Relton Capital was established to provide tailored investment solutions to market participants that lack the necessary expertise, resources and or scale to achieve their long-term objectives. The company operates three core investment segments; private assets, real assets and quantitative trading. The private asset investment activity focuses on providing both primary investment capital and secondary liquidity solutions, exploiting a diverse set of investment opportunities that originate from an extended network of private individuals and enterprises. Transactions that demonstrate strong value-creation potential and or attractive acquisition pricing dynamics are core to the target investment criteria.

The firms real asset activity covers both long-term yield oriented investment exposure and short-term financing and facilitation of real-asset based trades and transactions; providing the financial capabilities and the operational know-how required for successful execution. In addition to Relton's transactional investment activities, the company operates a suite of bespoke quantitative trading strategies.

Relton Capital maintains a fully opportunistic approach to investing, ensuring the necessary flexibility to evaluate and execute transactions within expedited and complex processes. The company covers all aspects of the investment process from sourcing to execution, and employs a thorough active approach to investment monitoring and development, and portfolio management.

The investment approach is designed to preserve and grow our investors capital, providing financial security while enabling a robust build-up of capital. Relton Capital strives to conduct all business activity with integrity and efficiency, establishing an environment to cultivate the joint success of investors, partners and employees.


Nils Stüben


Daniel Waddington